1978 CESSNA P210N

  • For Sale
  • 1978
  • CESSNA P210N
  • N210SL
  • P21000129
  • Novato, CA USA

435000 $435,000 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1978
  • CESSNA P210N
  • N210SL
  • P21000129
  • Novato, CA USA

T J Neff


General Specs (cont.)


206 SNEW

197 SNEW

1392 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

A priceless opportunity to own a P210 with an almost new Vitatoe conversion engine. Don't waste all that fuel and time to get to altitude. The CHT heat versus rate-of-climb issue is solved. Fly high and fast in pressurized comfort. Cruise over the weather and avoid turbulence in smooth air. An example of cruise performance: 12,000 ft, 30" mp, 2,400 RPM, 17 gal/hr, 1,570 EGT, 330 CHT, cabin pressure at @ 2,000 ft, TAS 190 kts. Wonderful upgraded avionics with stunning paint and interior. Comfortable for six with full-sized seats. A people and gear mover with almost 1400 lb useful. Digitized logbooks available.

Avionics / Equipment

Aspen PFD 1000 PRO MAX - 2021- serial number 9712667
Avidyne IFD 540 Flight Management System (Nav/Com) serial number M184540383
Garmin 345 ADSB IN/OUT transponder 
Garmin Gi 275 backup AI with battery - 2021
JPI EDM 930 engine monitor (2014, replaced many primary instruments)
PS Engineering PMA 8000BT audio panel w/ 6-place intercom
S-TEC 55x autopilot and ST 360, Altitude and Vertical Speed Selector/Alerter
Yoke mounted electric trim and Control Wheel Steering
Garmin 496
Speed Brakes by Precise Flight  
SIRS compass
Angle of Attack Indicator with Aural warning by General Technics  - CYA-100
Landing, parking and beacon lights are all LED
Wingtip LED lights w/Max pulse and LED beacon by Knots 2 U
70-foot Landing Height System with aural alerts by Microkit Solutions, LLC 
Encoding altimeter 
Tru Blue USB Power TA360


Annual due: 4/1/23 Alt/Sta/XPDR due: 2/1/24.
Eddy current inspection of wing spar completed 2021.
Previous tail number N4891P.
Prop strike 2010 & 2017. Repairs documented in logbooks. New engine and prop.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Vitatoe engine conversion to Continental TN IO550
Turbo normalized
Hartzell 3-blade scimitar heated Top Prop
New in 2018
Uvalde gear door modification
Repaired foam-filled trailing edges- modification to strengthen tail and horizontal stabilizer
Vacuum system removed 2021

Interior / Exterior

New paint 2012. Touch-up 2018.
New carpets; new interior with leather yokes and safety handles - 2012
New die cut instrument panel by SAIR - 2014
Bob Fields inflatable door seals and Rosen visors
BAS seat belts


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