2006 CIRRUS SR22

  • For Sale
  • 2006
  • N411SA
  • 1967
  • 8AO, AL USA

549900 $549,900 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 2006
  • N411SA
  • 1967
  • 8AO, AL USA

Steel Aviation, Inc.

Jamie Steel- Potter

Phillipsburg Airport 3I7

53 North Street Ext

Phillipsburg, OH 45354 USA

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Detailed Description

N411SA. 2006 Cirrus Steel Edition SR22. The plane is just out of a Steel Annual Inspection. It is Ready to go! A rare opportunity awaits one lucky buyer! A highly sought after 2021 Steel Edition is ready for a new owner. This plane has been featured on advertisements and magazines it is simply gorgeous! The good news for the aspiring suitor is that you get all the greatness of the Steel Edition without the wait for a restoration to be complete and for a discount! With only 285 hours flown since the full restoration was completed and 3 years remaining on the 5 year tip to tail coverage, this one is ready to fly home TODAY! The STEEL EDITION: We take an excellent airframe and refurbish it. Think high-end automobile restoration not just slapped together cosmetics. This plane has 3 years of unscheduled maintenance protection remaining. This Tip to Tail warranty covers parts and labor at any shop! If you cannot or do not want to afford a gorgeous new Cirrus aircraft, this is your next best option. You have an extreme amount of value built into this aircraft... compare, then call us. A limited number of these aircraft will be in production each year. These are handcrafted highly detailed renovations. This is not a production finish aircraft, as we believe when spending this amount of money, only the finest will suffice. Limited editions, these planes are exceptional in every way! Special financing rates for qualified buyers. Call us to learn more!

FREE TRAINING INCLUDED WITH YOUR CIRRUS AIRCRAFT: https://embark.cirrusaircraft.com/

Avionics / Equipment

4 Place Intercom
Avidyne AMX240 BT Audio Panel
Avidyne DFC90 Digital Autopilot
Avidyne Entegra Primary Color Flight Display (PFD)
Avidyne FlightMax EX5000C Multi-Function Color Display (MFD)
Avidyne IFD440 Touch screen
Avidyne IFD550 Touch Screen
CMAX Chart View Electronic Approach Plates
EMAX Engine and Fuel Monitoring
Flight Director
L-3 Avionics Lynx NGT-9000 ADSB IN and OUT
Skywatch Active Traffic System
TAWS Terrain Awareness
WX500 Stormscope

Cirrus Airframe Parachute System (CAPS)
Dual Alternators (BOTH NEW at Refurbishment)
Dual Batteries (BOTH NEW at Refurbishment
At Refurbishment New Brakes
At Refurbishment New Rotors
At Refurbishment New Tires
At Refubishement Upgraded MCU Unit
TKS Inadvertent Deice System
Tinted Windows
Custom Steel Edition Paint by Sherwin Williams Paint Design
High-End Leather Interior
Tip to Tail Coverage Expires May 25th 2026
At Refurbishment New Magnetos
ADS-B Compliant
Bluetooth Flight Plan Transfers (Foreflight Compatible)
Bluetooth Audio Panel (Music Ready)
Synthetic Vision Technology (SVT)
2006 Airframe Expertly Refinished
WAAS installation done right (no velcro!)
Whelen Orion 600 LED Wingtip Lighting
Custom Floor Mats
Larger upgraded air vents for more airflow
At Refurbishment New Tempest Power Flight Starter
At Refurbishment New Engine rubber mounts
All Avionics Covered under Spinner-to-Tail warranty plan
Factory Air Conditioning
At Refurbishment New Avidyne Center Stack and DFC 90 Digital Autopilot
New/OH Muffler and Heat Exchangers
All Mandatory Service Bulletins and many elective SBs complied with
All Airworthiness Directives (ADs) in compliance
At refurbishment new custom Steel Edition Instrument Panel
At refurbishment TCM Remanufactured Engine with TCM Nickel Cylinders under full warranty
Eligible for Cirrus Embark Training



Engines / Mods / Prop



Interior / Exterior

Dark grey with Black, White, and Blue Trim. One of our most creative designs to date! Interior has been refurbished completely with new foam and padding in the style of a G6. These Cirrus seats are a dream to sit in with gorgeous leather. Think luxury automobile... stitched to perfection by the most trusted in the Cirrus community, SCS Interiors, this interior is exceptional. Enjoy that new plane smell without the cost!

Blue with Black and White. One of our most creative patterns to date! The paint work on our Steel Editions are not your typical aircraft finish. This plane has been restored from the ground up. Skyscapes by Sherwin Williams paint. Cleared with several layers to allow an in-depth glossy mirror-like shine. Run your hands along it... all paint... NO DECALS. This plane will turn heads!


ANNUAL DUE: 8/2024
IFR CERT. DUE: 8/2024

All representations in this advertisement are made by Seller. Steel Aviation has not inspected the aircraft or its logbooks, and strongly suggests that any Buyer arrange for a comprehensive pre-buy inspection of the same.