• For Sale
  • 2022
  • NTBD
  • N271CK
  • Morrisville, NC USA

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  • For Sale
  • 2022
  • NTBD
  • N271CK
  • Morrisville, NC USA

LifeStyle Aviation

LifeStyle Aviation

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DiamondShare Member positions available in the Denver, CO area in a New 2022 DA40 NG!

WHAT​ IT IS: Year-long membership to access a ​brand new Jet-A-burning ​DA40 NG for up to 100 hours a year.

WHAT YOU PAY: $1450/month plus a one-time sign-up fee. That's it. No hangar, maintenance or insurance costs!

We are seeking members for this wonderful New Diamond DA40 NG aircraft beginning in Q3 of 2022.  Membership slots are limited to 3 individuals. This aircraft will be hangared at KCFO.  If you are interested we encourage you to act now!

The Member opportunity includes flexible and economical access to the aircraft shared among only three users. Members enjoy limited term commitments of only one year.

Membership does not require a capital investment and there are NO hourly charges. There is only a small deposit and the payment of monthly dry lease payments. Insurance is included so you just add ​Jet-A and fly!

The program summary is below: how it works, who is eligible and aircraft details.

The DiamondShare™ Program Aircraft Access that "Makes the Dollars Make Sense™". Most pilots dream of buying their own aircraft so they can enjoy the freedom of flight and opportunity to go places in an airplane...their airplane. They dream of a different lifestyle and a means beyond the usual bounds - one with life-changing potential and ability to conduct personal and business life at a new level.

The challenge - justifying the cost of modern aircraft with their amazing technology and value with rising ownership costs

The solution - the NEW DiamondShare™ Program

How it works
The DiamondShare Program is simple and is made up of Owners and Members. Owners purchase the aircraft and the DiamondShare team sets up the structure, program benefits and obtain 1 to 3 members to share the aircraft with fixed payments. The number of members, location of the airplane and other variables are determined by the owner. Members commit to a fixed "Dry Lease" access model for one year with a number of hours. Members typically pay a base member rate plus a location surcharge depending on tie down or hangar cost arrangements so is different for each location. Each user pays for his own fuel and there are no hourly rates or charges...similar to a car lease. The entire program is a turnkey package providing the online scheduling and coordination, insurance and related elements altogether to make it easy for owners and members to maximize their enjoyment and use of the aircraft.

Who is Eligible?
DiamondShare™ was inspired and created to provide all pilots an affordable, economically justifiable option to have ownership or access to an amazing new modern aircraft so they can achieve their dreams and goals. Our Secret is Sharing. This is NOT fractional ownership. The program dramatically reduces your total cost of ownership while enhancing your overall aircraft ownership experience. Utilization, fixed costs, insurance, storage and avionics subscriptions are all factored in. Also, if you own a business and plan to use your aircraft for some level of business flying, you will be simply amazed at current tax advantages available to help you purchase your aircraft. Owners often experience "Cash Flow Positive Purchases". Explore the full details at the DiamondShare website or contact 406-FLY1-NOW. Interested parties should register on the website to receive information via email including notices of opportunities in their area.

Avionics / Equipment

Complete Avionics package with Garmin G1000        
2x Garmin GDU 10 inch Flight Display (Primary Flight Display and Multi-Function Display)
Garmin GEA71 Airframe / Engine Interface Unit
Garmin GMA 1347 Digital Audio System
GTX345R with built-in ADS-B IN weather and traffic
Garmin GDC 74 Digital Air Data Computer, constant display of TAS, CAS, Wind Direction, VSI, and TAT
GRS77 Solid-state Attitude and Heading Reference System
Garmin GMU 44 Magnetometer
Garmin GFC 700 Automatic Flight Control System
ELT 406 MHz
Standby Instruments (Compass, Attitude Indicator, Air Speed Indicator kts, Altitude Indicator ft)

Pitot Cover
Rudder Lock
Tow Bar
Tool Kit
First Aid Kit
Fire Extinguisher
Emergency Axe


39 US gal Long Range Tank
Noise Reduction Muffler

Composite Cabin and Safety Seats (Up to 26g)
"FAILSAFE" Airframe and Wing Design
Lightning Protection System
3-point Safety Belts Automatic (all seats)

Engines / Mods / Prop

Austro Engine AE300, Turbocharged Common-rail Injected 2.0L Diesel Engine, 168-hp with Electronic Engine Control Unit
MT-Propeller MTV-6-R/190-69, 3-Blade Constant Speed Propeller

Interior / Exterior

Leather Interior
Sun Glare Shields and Canopy Lining
28 V Power Supply Socket
Instrument Lighting
Overhead Cabin Light
Baggage Extension with Separate Compartment

Heated Pitot Tube
High-gloss Multi-Layer Paint
Variety of Exterior Striping Options
Registration markings
Electrically Operated Flap System
Wheel Fairings on Main and Nose Landing Gear
LED Landing and Taxi Lights
LED Position and Strobe Lights


The Aircraft

The aircraft has a complete modern glass cockpit with traffic, terrain, weather, moving maps, and more at your fingertips. Whether you are an experienced pilot or a beginner, you will be impressed with this "modern magic carpet" and the great news is student and entry-level pilots are welcome to acquire this plane and enjoy ultra-low insurance rates due to the remarkable safety results enjoyed by the DA40. The DA40 is critically acclaimed as the "Best First Airplane" and many of our high time experienced pilots would argue it's simply the "Best Personal Aircraft".

Performance and Efficiency:  The DA40 provides exceptional take-off, climb, cruise and landing performance to allow you to go where you want to go and enjoy exceptional economics. Sleek modern composite airframe and efficient clean wing design are the secrets to award-winning performance. You'll cruise in comfort at 150kts on about 8 Gallons per hour. This is better fuel economy than most vehicles we drive especially when you consider you'll fly directly to your destination. The ergonomics of the DA40 deserve an award by themselves. Pilots, copilots, and passengers all have their own door! There is generous legroom for passengers and the large cargo door with split folding rear seats gives 7 feet of cargo area for you to pack up and fly away for the summer if you wish! We have owners that have fit two full-size bicycles in the rear! Well thought out in every way and built with quality and precision, the DA40 will produce a pride of ownership beyond any traditional aircraft alternative. Incredibly forgiving and fun to fly, your next adventures await your command!  It doesn't get any better than this!

Safety Designed: In The DA40 has a record of industry-leading safety... nearly triple that of the "average aircraft" safety statistics.  Some safety features include unrestricted visibility, great handling ability at low speeds with easy take off and landings in short distances. Occupants are protected by amazingly strong carbon reinforced 26G cabin, airbags and specialized seats that protect passengers. The DA40's unique wing is designed to provide the amazing slow flight and cruise speed capabilities while being stall and spin resistant. Diamond also invested in designing a fuel containment system that has almost eliminated post-crash fires which is a huge advancement in real-life safety results. The thousands of aircraft flying with over 10 years of results have produced a safety record that is simply unprecedented and truly remarkable. The more you read and research about this plane's safety results the more you will understand that Diamond has created a truly different airplane that has achieved very different results.

Next Steps
The first step in considering the DiamondShare Program is to learn about the benefits attributed to Owners and Members and then with proper consideration of your particular circumstances, determine which fits best for you. If you are considering aircraft ownership, you will not find a more attractive or compelling set of economics for ownership. Step out of the limitations of renting and learn about the unique advantages this program provides!

If you are considering membership register on the DiamondShare website and make sure to call if you want one of these available member positions. These positions disappear quickly.  Full advantages are listed on the DiamondShare website or you can call us directly at 406-FLY1-NOW and we will help you evaluate the full array of options to see if this program is for you.