• For Sale
  • 2017
  • N412AR
  • GA8-17-240
  • Pittsburgh, PA USA

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  • For Sale
  • 2017
  • N412AR
  • GA8-17-240
  • Pittsburgh, PA USA

LifeStyle Aviation

John P. Armstrong

General Specs (cont.)





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Detailed Description

This LOW-TIME G8 AirVan is for sale and ready to fly! Commercially operated and well kept by owners.  '

The GippsAero Ga8 Airvan is a single-engine utility aircraft popular with air charter companies, skydiving operators and small feeder air carriers.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin G500 MFD 
Garmin 340 Audio Panel 
Garmin 750 GPS/Nav/Com
Garmin 650 GPS EFB 
Garmin GI 106A CDI 
Garmin 330 GTX Transponder 
King KX165 TSO Nav/Com

JPI 730 Fuel Flow Indicator 
Main Cabin Intercom System, 6-Place Mono 
Overhead Map Light 
Floor Covering - Aeromat, Blue Vinyl 
King KFC 225 2 Axis Autopilot 

Flight Instruments and Indicators: 
Airspeed Indicator
Color Coded Artificial Horizon
Electric Indicator with Standby Battery (Option) 
Altimeter with Dual Sub-scale 
Turn Co-Coordinator- 12 Volt Electric with "OFF" Flag Vertical Speed Indicator 0-2000ft/min 
Outside Air Temperature Gauge 
Magnetic Compass (internally lit) 
Overhead Switch Panel - Split Bus Electrical System 
Avionics Master Switch 
Dual Independent Radio Masters 
Taxi/Landing Lights 
Navigation Lights 
Wing Tip and Tail Mounted Strobe Lights 
Map Light 
Dimmable Instrument, Radio and Overhead Panel Lighting 
Instrument Coaming Lights 
Cockpit, Flight and Ground Controls: Flight Trim Control 
Trimmable Stabilizer with Follow Up Indicator System 

Alternate air 
Stall Warning Horn 
Wing Flaps, Manually Operated with Three Pre-Selected Positions (14 & 38 Degrees) 
Undercarriage: Landing Gear, Non Retractable 
Cleveland Heavy Duty, 6 Bolt Main Wheels with High Flotation 6 x Ply Tire and Tubes Cleveland Dual Piston Hydraulic Disc Brakes Heavy Duty Brake System 
Co-Pilot's Toe Brakes 
Parking Brake 
One Fuel Tanks In Each Wing with 87.7 US Gal or 332 Liters Sump Tank 
Engine Driven Fuel Pump 
Electric, Emergency Fuel Pump 
Fuel Tank, Two Quick Drains 
Fuel System, Three Central Drains 

Lighting Systems:
Instrument Panel Lighting, Avionics Dimming Map Light, Internal Cabin Entry Lights, External Entry LED Lights 
Navigation Lights: Taxi/Landing Lights, Wing Tip and Tail Mounted Strobe Lights


Located in Pennsylvania
Logbooks available upon request

Total Time Airframe: 430

Engines / Mods / Prop

Lycoming IO-540-K1A5
Total Time Engine: 430
300 HP Heavy Duty 12 Volt Starter (Option 160) 
Two Full Flow Oil Coolers with Thermostatic Control Valve 
Dual Magnetos 
Alternate Induction Air with Manual Control 
Oil Quick Drain

Hartzell Constant Speed Propeller
Spinner Hartzell Propeller Governor
Prop Time: 430

Interior / Exterior

Exterior Paint, Acrylic Enamel 
Full Prime of Airframe Internal Components Prior to Assembly 
Cabin Doors 
Two FWD Opening Crew Doors 
Main Cabin Door, Double Width (41.5"), Sliding, In Flight Opening 
External Power Receptacle - NATO Plug with Overvoltage Protector 
Entrance Steps at FWD Doors 
Fold Down Cabin Entry Step/Arm Rest 
White with Dark & Light Blue Scheme

All cabin interior linings, floor and seat coverings should conform to FAR part 25 transport category flammability. 

Cockpit and Cabin: 
Two FWD Opening Crew Doors with Single-Lever Locking System with Manual/Map Storage Pockets
Pilot/Co-Pilot Adjustable Seats, Fore and AFT with 4 Point Harness and Shoulder Restraint 
Inertia Reels Accessory Power Point
12 Volt, External Power Plug with Reverse Polarity and Overvoltage Protection 
Pilot and Co-Pilot Air Vents 
Pilot and Co-Pilot Overhead Sun Visor 
Five Cabin (passenger) Seats with 3 Point Harness and Inertia Reels Soundproofing 
Fire Extinguisher 
Doubt Width (41.5") Sliding Door (Port Side of Fuselage) 
Cabin Comfort System: Cabin Heating System, Windshield Demisters and Control Cabin, Overhead Mounted, Adjustable Passenger Air Vents


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