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MOONEY M20 SERIES Aircraft For Sale


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    Reg# N242KT
    TT: 150

    Mooney Acclaim Ultra 2018, N242KT, 150 Hours, TKS/FIKI, Oxygen, Garmin G1000NXi. More Info

    Jan Zogg



    Last Update: 05/21/2019

    Reg# N35MD
    TT: 2346

    N35MD. 1995 M20R Ovation, Good paint, TKS system, Long Range tanks, ADSB out, GTN 650, full Autopilot, TTAF 2350 TSFRM: 610 PTT: 310. More Info

    Gordon Hershberger

    Greenwood, SC USA

    Last Update: 06/20/2019

    Reg# N231RD
    TT: 4387

    Beautifully Equipped 1980 Mooney M20K, 4387TT, 1519 SMOH, Nice Paint (8/10), Interior (7/10), Aspen With AOA, GTN 750, GNS 430W, GTX 330 ES, ADS-B In/Out, ... More Info

    Pat Burke

    Wahoo, NE USA

    Last Update: 06/19/2019

    Reg# N281RM
    TT: 4298

    Nicest And Best Equipped 1979 Mooney M20K 231 On The Market. 4357/642 SMOH, Exquisite Aircraft 9/9, Aspen With Synthetic Vision, Garmin 750, KFC 200 Autopi... More Info


    Chico, CA USA

    Last Update: 05/21/2019

    Reg# N9146V
    TT: 1848

    Beautiful low time M20C with TT 1848 and fire wall forward 100 hours ago. New seats, side panels and carpet. 1/2 the value is all new 100 hrs. ago More Info

    Aviation Marketing

    Sabastian, FL USA

    Last Update: 06/26/2019

    Reg# N6959Q
    TT: 3275

    1965 Mooney M20E Super 21 With Only 852.5 Hours SMOH. Price Includes Fresh Annual, Many Speed Mods & VGs. More Info

    Doug Thompson

    Bakersfield, CA USA

    Last Update: 06/17/2019

    Reg# Not Listed
    TT: 1570

    1990 Mooney 252 TSE, Beautiful IFR Airplane. Fast And Very Stable. More Info

    Palm Beach Gardens, FL USA

    Last Update: 04/08/2019

    Reg# N6876N
    TT: 2980

    1968 Mooney M20 Ranger, Many 201 Mods, Always Hangared In Southern California, Leather 2004, TAT 2980, SMOH 740, Great Paint, Top Overhaul 2017. Oxygen Tan... More Info

    Last Update: 06/10/2019

    Reg# N102PA
    TT: Not Listed

    2019 Ovation Ultra, N102PA, Don't miss your chance to own the new 2-door. Garmin NXI, 3 year factory warranty, Includes 4th And 5th Year Airframe & Engine ... More Info

    Premier Aircraft Sales Inc

    Ft Lauderdale, FL USA

    Last Update: 12/12/2018

    Reg# N65PA
    TT: Not Listed


    Premier Aircraft Sales Inc

    Ft Lauderdale, FL USA

    Last Update: 06/18/2019

    Reg# VH-OKC
    TT: 854

    2008 Mooney M20R Ovation 3, Immaculate Condition, One Owner, Only 854TT, Full Glass Panel G1000 PFD And MFD. Integrated Stormscope, WAAS, TCAS, Synthetic V... More Info


    Last Update: 06/26/2019

    Reg# N660DS
    TT: 995

    2006 Mooney Ovation 2 Gx With Factory Air-Conditioning, G1000 Avionics, Stec 55X Autopilot, Built-In Oxygen, Garmin GTX-345 ADS-B In & Out, Flight Stream 2... More Info

    Last Update: 06/10/2019

    Reg# N345US
    TT: 1333

    N345US. 2005 Mooney M20R Ovation 2 GX Freedom, Garmin G1000, A/C, O2, 1333 TTSN. Very Nice, Clean, And Fast! (KRUQ) Mid Carolina More Info

    Kirk Beatty

    Salisbury, NC USA

    Last Update: 06/19/2019

    Reg# N2171Q
    TT: 760

    1999 Mooney M20M TLS-BRAVO, 760TTAF/SMOH, Recent Prop, Etc. Hangared, NDH, Good Paint/Leather Interior, Sandel ESHI, WX-500, KFC-150 AP/FD, KLN94, Flight D... More Info

    Last Update: 05/31/2019

    Reg# N43PG
    TT: 1701

    1998 Mooney Encore M20K, N43PG. Loc. Placerville, CA. 1701 TTAF&E, 750 STOP. KN 64 Digital DME, KT 76C Glidescope, KT 76C Xpdr. Int/Ext 9.8, NDH. More Info LLC

    Placerville, CA USA

    Last Update: 06/10/2019

    Reg# N48FM
    TT: 1744

    1998 Mooney 201, 3rd last to be built, G500, 530W, GTX345, Lots More!! More Info

    Chicago Aviation

    Asheville, NC USA

    Last Update: 06/07/2019

    Reg# N201TN
    TT: 1350

    1996 Mooney M20J, 1350TT, 525 SMOH, Logs, Recent Annual, Garmin 430W, Garmin SL 30, King KT-74 Xpdr ADS-B Out, King KCS 55A HSI, King Autopilot w/Altitude.... More Info

    Last Update: 05/09/2019

    Reg# N98BR
    TT: 955

    1995 Mooney M20J MSE, 955TT, 123 SPOH, Super Low Total Time, One Owner, Professionally Flown, Immaculate Pedigree, IFR With King Avionics, Looks Great! More Info

    Virtual Airplane Broker LLC

    Camarillo, CA USA

    Last Update: 06/05/2019

    Reg# N1065S
    TT: 980

    1994 Mooney M20M TLS, Lycoming TIO-540-AF1A, 980 TTSN Airframe, Engine, Prop. Garmin GTN750, ADS-B Compliant, GMA35, GTX33ES, EH-40 Electronic HSI, KFC-150... More Info

    Gemco Aviation Services Inc

    North Lima, OH USA

    Last Update: 06/05/2019

    Reg# Not Listed
    TT: Not Listed

    1990 Mooney M20M Bravo, 1915 TT, 15 SFOH, 15 snew prop, 530 WAAS, EFIS, KFC-150, FD, Alt. Preselect, Speed Brakes, Monroy LR Fuel More Info

    Southwind Aviation, Inc.

    Fort Myers, FL USA

    Last Update: 05/10/2019

    Reg# N1091L
    TT: 2400

    1990 Mooney M20M Bravo, 2400TT, Lycoming TIO 540-AF 1B, 180 SMOH, 2000 TBO, 522 SPOH, KFC-150 Autopilot, KAS-297B, KMA-24 Audio Panel, KY 196 LED, KNS 81, ... More Info

    Jefferson Aircraft

    Smithville, OH USA

    Last Update: 06/04/2019

    Reg# N321TC
    TT: 2460

    1990 Mooney M20M, 2460TT, KMA-24 Audio, Garmin 430W, KX-155, KN-62 DME, KFC-150 Autopilot-F/D, KCS-55A HSI, WX-1000+ Stormscope. More Info

    Last Update: 04/24/2019

    Reg# N1077V
    TT: 2540

    1990 Mooney M20J, 2540TT, 1510 SMOH, 1510 SPOH, Garmin 530W, Autopilot, HSI, Stormscope, O&N Bladders, Speed Brakes. Located In: Charleston, SC. More Info

    Virtual Airplane Broker LLC

    Los Angeles, CA USA

    Last Update: 12/04/2018

    Reg# N1031M
    TT: 2158

    N1031M. 1989 M20M TLS Bravo, 2158 TTAF, 35 SMOH, ADSB complaint, Garmin 430 WAAS, TKS, Deice, LR Tanks, New leather. Email for more information. More Info

    Valencia, PA USA

    Last Update: 05/30/2019

    Mooney M20 Series Aircraft Information

    The Mooney M20 series features a low- wing and tricycle landing gear and belongs to a family of piston-powered, propeller-driven aircraft. The aircraft has the capacity for one crew member and three passengers and has an empty weight of 2,370 lb (1,074 kg) and a gross weight of 3,374 lb (1,528 kg). The cruise speed is 237 kn (272 mph, 438 km/h) and the M20 should not exceed a speed of 242 kn (278 mph, 448 km/h).

    The M20 is manufactured by the Mooney Airplane Company and was the twentieth design and most successful design from Al Mooney. Over the last 50 years, the Mooney M20 series has been produced in many variations. Various models of the Mooney M20 series include the M20, M20A, Mooney M20B, Mooney M20C, Mooney M20C Mark 21, Mooney M20C Ranger, M20D, Mooney M20E, Mooney M20E Super 21, Mooney M20F, Mooney M20F Exec 21, M20G, Mooney M20J 201, Mooney M20J 205, Mooney M20J MSE, Mooney M20K 231, Mooney M20K 231 Modified, Mooney M20K 252, Mooney M20K 252TSE, Mooney M20K 305 Rocket, Mooney M20K Encore, M20L, Mooney M20M Bravo, Mooney M20M GX Bravo, Mooney M20R Ovation, Mooney M20S Eagle, M20T, and M20TN Acclaim. The company announced that it was halting all production in November 2008 as a result of the late 2000s recession. As of April 2011 the company has not resumed production.

    The M20 airframes are all-metal, low-wing aircraft with the exception of the wooden wing spars of the original M20 and M20A. The wings of the aircraft are of cantilever construction and the wing skin is aluminum. Early models of the M20 use a hydraulic pump to control the flaps. Later models have electrically-operated flaps.

    Many Mooney M20 series aircrafts have a ram air system called the Mooney "Power Boost" for increased power. The intake air is filtered before it enters the induction system for normal operations. Partially unfiltered air will enter the induction system with a higher pressure and the manifold pressure will increases about a full inch when flying at 7,500 msl when ram air is selected. This gives a greater power output. The ram air feature is omitted on the turbocharged variants. They are their own "power boost" that provides far more increases in manifold pressure.

    The M20 series store fuel in two separate tanks, which are located in the inboard sections of each wing. The M20 has a unique tailplane with a vertical leading edge. The tapered wings of the M20 have a medium aspect ratio. The tricycle undercarriage legs are made of heat-treated chrome-molybdenum steel. The main landing gear legs are attached to the main wing spar. The nose gear is mounted on the steal cabin frame. There are rubber discs and spring steel around the legs that allow for compression and shock absorption on landing. Early models of the Mooney M20 use a hand-operated lever system to raise and lower the landing gear, while later models use an electrically-operated retraction system with a backup crank-operated or wire-pull gear extender.

    To view the various models currently available, please check out our Mooney aircraft for sale or our other Aircraft For Sale for descriptions and photos or PLACE A LISTING of your aircraft for sale.