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The Short SC.7 Skyvan is a 19-seat, twin engine, turbo powered aircraft used for skydiving and short-haul freight. The main design for the Skyvan features high-wings, an all-metal fuselage, a semi-cantilever tailplane, and an unpressurized cabin. The Skyvan 1 was powered by two Continental GTSIO-520 engines and was the initial prototype. The Skyvan 1A was powered by two Turbomeca Astazou engines. The Skyvan 2 was the first model actually put in production. The Skyvan 3 was powered by Garrett TPE331 engines and the variation, Skyvan 3A featured a higher gross weight. The Skyvan 3M is a military transport model for supply dropping, dropping paratroops, troop transport, assault transport, cargo transport, search and rescue missions, and casualty evacuation.

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