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Commander 1000 Aircraft Information

The Commander 1000 is powered by a TPE331-10-501K engine. The cruise speed is 301 kts, the stall speed is 79 kts, and the range is 2,102 miles. The empty weight is 7,192 lbs and the gross weight is 11,200 lbs.

A project engineer at the Douglas Aircraft Company, Ted Smith, developed the idea of the type. In 1944, since Douglas was not interested in the aircraft a group of company engineers formed the Aero Design and Engineering Company to design and build the proposed aircraft. The Model L3805 was completed in July 1946. Powered by two Lycoming O-435-A piston engines, the L3805 was an all-metal, high-wing monoplane with retractable undercarriage and accommodated up to five people. This prototype flew successfully and the company built a new factory at Bethany or Oklahoma City. There they built the production version named the Commander 520. The first production was released in August 1951.

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