GTX320A (GTX-320A)

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  • South Windsor, CT USA

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  • For Sale
  • Transponders
  • Yes
  • South Windsor, CT USA

General Specs (cont.)




Detailed Description

Part Number: P/N: 011-00728-00
Certification: 8130-3
Voltage: 14/28 V
Included: Rack & Connector (if needed)
Comments: Garmin produced some adapters to simplify Transponder upgrades. Using an adapter allows the GTX-320A to directly replace some popular older Transponders. 
P/N: 010-10159-00 - Optional King Transponder adapter
P/N: 011-00289-00 - Optional King Transponder adapter (alternate P/N)
P/N: 010-10158-00 - Optional Narco Transponder adapter
P/N: 011-00292-00 - Optional Narco Transponder adapter (alternate P/N)

The Garmin GTX-320A is an updated version of the GTX-320. According to the factory, this change was made in the interest of manufacturing efficiency. The GTX-320A has more parts in common with the GTX-327, which reduced Garmin's manufacturing costs. (We have not noticed any performance or reliability difference between the GTX-320 and GTX-320A.)

The GTX-320A produces 200 watts of transmission power, offering long range and operation up to 50,000 feet. Plus, the GTX-320A does this without a cavity. As a result, reliability is improved, and no warm-up time is needed before operation.

The GTX-320A features:
    • 4096 discrete codes
    • Mode C compatibility
    • System test capability
    • TSO'd
There are a couple features that ease the installation of the GTX-320, saving you time and money. This Transponder will operate with either 14 V or 28 V, and it does not require a dropping resistor when used with 28 V. Also, it may be possible to locate an optional adapter to make this unit a slide-in replacement for the following transponders:
    • King KT-78A
    • King KT-76A
    • Narco AT-50A
    • Narco AT-150
Garmin has stopped producing these adapters, and they have become very difficult to find. They are also expensive, and seem to have been designed to save time (but not necessarily money). In our opinion, it is better to avoid these adapters. When you use an adapter, you double the number of connections, which increases the likelihood of problems due to corrosion or vibration.

You may also be interested in an Encoder to use with this GTX-320A. When installed with an Encoder, the GTX-320A will report both your position and altitude to ATC (Mode C).