• For Sale
  • 1970
  • N909MD
  • 9210
  • Moultonborough, NH USA

199000 $199,000 USD

Scott Young

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  • For Sale
  • 1970
  • N909MD
  • 9210
  • Moultonborough, NH USA

Scott Young


General Specs (cont.)


140 SMOH


1399 lb





Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Very Low time 1970 Beechcraft V35B. 1121 TT Not a miss print, just over eleven hundred hours since new. Io 550B 140 SMOH  300 HP Overhaul completed in 2019. Gami Injectors, Kinsely stainless exhaust, New Millennium Cylinders, New Plane power Alt, McCauley 3 blade prop 25 TSOH overhauled in 2022  apox 500 TTSN,  times will change as being flown, D'shannon baffles, 20 Gal tip tanks, BAS shoulder harnesses, Rosin Visors, dual Yokes, Eagle fuel drains, JPI engine monitor, KX155, GTX335, ADSB out, King DME, King KX70B Gps Garmin 696 yoke mounted GPS, yoke mounts for 2 Ipads, Most of the instruments have been overhauled with recent new air pump, Century 3  Auto pilot, Beech constant copilot wing leveler with adjustment for fuel load balance, Beech back lighted dash. Engine bay cleaned and painted before new motor install, looks perfect. recent gear motor OH, Complete logs, no gear up history on this Bo. Real black and grey leather interior is a true 10 you will be hard pressed to find a better interior with new floor boards, Plane smells of nice leather inside.  Paint shows well for its age touched up here and there as needed, still looks great on the ramp.  No corrosion perfect tail feathers and surfaces. new mains / tubes and recent front tire and tube, Led and HID landing lights, new elt battery, I am the second owner, always heated hanger kept. this plane fly's straight and true and really preforms. Ready to fly, New annual just preformed so you have a full year to fly,  if you are looking for one of the cleanest V35B bonanza's out there do not pass this one up its a rare find. Not perfect but very nice.  Presently there are 4 seats installed but I have the 5th and 6th seats for the plane. This plane has gravity feed Osborn tip tanks with dash mounted fuel gauge and a cross feed switch, no pumps needed a big plus. This is a great plane and will not disappoint  Located in NH contact Scott text 603-387-1694

Avionics / Equipment

Com 1 KX155 with glide slope
Com 2 KX155 with glide slope 
King DME
JPI engine analyzer with lean of peak fuctions 
King 70B gps not presently in panel
Garmin 696 yoke mounted moving map can be panel mounted
Garmin GTX 335 ADSB out
Intercom taps for all seats.
2 power ports, one on dash other between seats for Ipads or phones
Century 3 auto pilot with alt hold
yoke mounts for 2 Ipads or other devices only one installed at present
Beech constant copilot wing leveler instant on with one switch recent over haul of drive unit works great based on Britain 
JPI 700 series engine monitor with fuel totalizator and lean of peak management alerts 
Shadin fuel flow system
Beech back lit dash panel lights all the lower switch call outs at night.
most all instruments are internally lit with a few additional post lights where needed
Also has optional lights under dash pad for lots of light getting clearances on the ground / pre flight
Tip tanks have dash mounted cross feed switch and shared dash fuel gauge with toggle switch!!!  no guessing how much fuel with a wing mounted window


Excellent Airframe very low hours no corrosion issues. hanger kept perfect tail feathers and and wing surfaces all in great shape. I have all of the logs since its test flight 1970 as well as the service and parts manuals for this plane. The rods and joints that run the tail feathers have been replaced.  Most of the doors have new anti chaff strips as do the cowl flaps, Rear long windows replaced. all plastic is in great condition. very little to no hanger rash for a plane of this age.  Due to the low time and hanger life, All the important wear items are like new. The low time makes this Bo a very solid flying machine.

Engines / Mods / Prop

Over a $100,000 was spent on the engine upgrade along with all the detailing and painting of everything in front of the fire wall  D'shannon IO550B engine upgrade 140 SMOH, Overhauled in 2019   no expense spared during the overhaul, new Millennium cylinders, New cam and lifter, most of the Gears replaced with new, new Alt and drive hub, new alt face gear on crank, new motor mounts, new Pushrod tubes and springs,  all new CT hose clamps, complete overhaul of fuel system and prop governor, new fuel lines, with D'Shannon baffles and the liners in the bottom of engine bay that cover all the lower frames for improved cooling, also aids finding any dropped hardware during service, Gami Injectors.  This motor runs great and cool. other then preforming the Gami tuning tests, I do not run lean of peak. new heater ducts and seals
McCauley 3 blade prop apor 25 TSOH Overhaul completed in 2022 on a aprox 500 hour since new prop  this set up runs very smooth and has at least 300 HP a real proforma even on a hot day

Interior / Exterior

The interior is a true 10 nice black and grey real leather with new insulation sound deadner, new carpets all Leather bound edges not cheap Airtex,  New floor boards, Bas shoulder harnesses.  has a great Air vent system that will keep you comfortable on hot days, the heating system is all new or overhauled and works great.  I have the 5th and 6th seat for the rear of the plane which have not been installed as i like the area for additional baggage space.


Equip t with eagle fuel drains on mains so there is no stress on bladders testing fuel

9/23  Pito static, transponder and IFR cert completed

With the overhauled Prop and  Engine and new interior on this Bo all of the hard work that takes your plane out of service for months or a even years, has already been done, so you will not have be waiting for back ordered parts or a shop opening, you can fly now!!