1979 CESSNA P210N

  • For Sale
  • 1979
  • CESSNA P210N
  • N4755K
  • P21000286
  • Tulsa, OK USA

469900 $469,900 USD

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  • For Sale
  • 1979
  • CESSNA P210N
  • N4755K
  • P21000286
  • Tulsa, OK USA

General Specs (cont.)


392 SFRM

392 SNEW

1301 lb






Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Vitatoe TSIO-550-P 'Tuned Induction' 79 P-210N w/ Known Ice (FIKI),  cold JB Air-Conditioning, Vitatoe conversion installed by Vitatoe Aviation, Garmin Avionics by Cincinnati Avionics and maintained by Tennessee Aircraft (Paul New) since 2015, Tail Reinforcement Mod, very clean and ready to go!

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin GMA-35 Remote Audio Panel w/ 6-Place Intercom System 
Garmin G500 Advanced Primary Flight Display, Terrain Alerting, SafeTaxi & Charts (PFD) 
Garmin GTN-750 IFR Certified WAAS GPS-Com w/ ILS, LPV, Large Multi-Function Display and Terrain Awareness (MFD) 
Backup Pilots Airspeed, Electric Altimeter & Attitude Indicator
Garmin GNS-430W  IFR &  WAAS Certified GPS w/ Color Moving Map
Garmin GTX-330 Digital Mode-S (ES) Transponder 
Garmin GDL-88  Dual-link Universal Access Transceiver (UAT) ADS-B "Out" & "IN" free weather, advanced TargetTrend traffic and TerminalTrafficâ„¢ displayed on G500 & GNS-430 
King KFC-200 Autopilot w/ HDG, & GPS/NAV Tracking, Approach Modes, Altitude Hold, Altitude Preselect, Flight Director (FD), Control Wheel Steering, coupled Approaches & Missed Approaches, and Auto Electric Pitch Trim
E.I MVP-50P  Primary Glass Engine Monitor w/ CHT, EGT, TIT, Volt Meter, RPM, Manifold Pressure, Fuel Flow, Fuel Computer.w/  Panel Mounted Warning & Caution light   
KFC-200 Autopilot w/ HDG, & GPS/NAV Tracking, Approach Modes, Altitude Hold, Altitude Preselect, Flight Director (FD), Control Wheel Steering, coupled Approaches & Missed Approaches, and Auto Electric Pitch Trim 
BF Goodrich WX-10   Stormscope 
Avionic Upgrade Installed by Cincinnati Avionics FA CRS#VYTR380B

Known Ice Certified (FIKI)
Tail Reinforcement Kits SK210-125 & SK210-126
Dual Vaccum Pumps 
Dual Alternator 
MVP Caution and Warning Light 
Cessna SK210-174A  Inertial Secondary Seat Stop  
ALT1 & ALT2 Warning Light 
Plane-Power Voltage Regulators 
De-Iced Prop & Windshield Hot Plate
Bob Fields Door Seals
Door Seal Pump Warning Light 
Speed Brakes In Use Warning Light 
Cabin Altitude Warning Light 
De-Ice Pressure 
Starter Engage Warning Light 
Vacuum Gauge 
Pilot Backup Instruments  ( Airspeed, Electric Altimeter & Attitude Indicator)
Co-pilot Instruments (Attitude Indicator,  DG & Altimeter)


3,666 Hours Total Time Since New

Engines / Mods / Prop

392 hours on Continental Factory Reman Engine
392 hours since Turbonormalizing System Conversion per Vitatoe STC #SA 02918CH, installed by Vitatoe Aviation.
310HP Continuous Power. 2,200 Recommended TBO 
6-Point Engine Mount System per STC #SA 02918CH 
TCM Fuel Injector Service Kit 649054A6 per STC #SA 02918CH. 17.6 Gallons at Lean of Peak.

392 hours on NEW Scimitar Propeller w/ Polished Spinner per STC# SA02918CH 
80-inch Diameter,3-Blade Scimitar w/ Aluminum Blades, Extended Aluminum Hub, Recommended 2400 Hour TBO, 84.75 pounds (propeller and spinner)
Reduced Noise, Better Take-off & Climb Performance - 4% Decrease in Time to climb 23K
Better cruise performance than C402 (1-3 knots)
Propeller Dynamically Balanced using ACES Propeller Balance System.

Vitatoe Aviation Turbonormalizing System Conversion per STC# SA02918CH:
-Continental IO-550-P Tuned Induction engine 
-Hartzell Scimitar Propeller w/ Polish Spinner 
-McCauley Propeller Governor 
-6-Point Engine Mount Bracket 
-TCM Fuel Injection kit 
-Dual Induction Intercoolers 
-Dual Vacuum Cooling Shrouds 
-No Mandatory Replacement Times for Any Components per G23.4. 43.16 & 91.403
JB System, Inc. Air Conditioning (Blows Ice Cold Air) per STC# SA70RM & SE71RM
Starter Engage Indicator Light per STC# SA09470SC
Bob Fields Inflatable Door Seal per STC# 2226NM
Precise Speed Brakes per STC# 2602NM
Electronics International MVP-50P Primary Engine Monitor per STC# SA01988SE (Manifold Pressure, RPM, HP %, OAT, FLT Time, ZULU Time, Vaccum, EST. Fuel, S. COOl, EGTs & CHT`s, Fuel Flow, Fuel Pressure, Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, TIT, Volts & Amps.

Interior / Exterior

Rated 7+
Interior Reapolstered in 2006

Original Paint Rated 7+
Allover 4145 Castle Tan-Imron 45053
Major Color 579D B.Orange 
Accent Color 579K Brown


Annual Due: February 1, 2025
IFR Cert. Due: April 1, 2025
In 2008 Pilot forgot to lower the landing gear. Very minor repairs to belly by Aircraftman of Chino, CA.
Maintained by Tennessee  Aircraft (Paul New's shop) since 2015
Recent Maintenace:
December 2022: Left Wing fuel drain, 2 New Right front engine mounts, R&R Left Brake Hose, new Oring on Right landing Gear actuator and Installed nose gear bumper 
September 2021:New Nose bearings and races, L/H strobe power pack and lamp, new o-rings on L/H caliper, New Brake pads on L/H & R/H Brake ass.,replace several  R/H Stabilizer ribs and De-ice boot. Installed SK210-153 Steering limit pin.
Oct 2020: R&R Garmin GDC74A 
June 2020: New Nose tire and Aft Deice boot 
March 2020: Replaced Speed Brake switch on Pilots Yoke 
January 2020: Troubleshoot PTT and Installed new ALT1 & ALT 2 Warning  Lights
June 2019: Installed New Crankshaft Seal 
May 2019: New vacuum Regulator, New nose gear torque link Bushings, Spacer and torque link kit, Installed Serviceable Right Main gear leg w/ brake line and Orings. New Saddle pad On R/H . O ring Seal on R/H actuator. New Hose on R/H master Cylinder, Installed Cessna Horizontal reinforcement Bracket  SEB00-10, Installed SK210-126 Forward Stabilizer brackets, and Installed SK210-126 for 209 "Bulkhead" brackets