• For Sale
  • 2000
  • N85AS
  • A9504-0116
  • Baker, FL USA

179000 $179,000 USD

Robert Barnett

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    • For Sale
    • 2000
    • N85AS
    • A9504-0116
    • Baker, FL USA

    Robert Barnett

    Robert Barnett

    General Specs (cont.)


    720 SNEW

    50 SNEW



    Additional Classifications

    Detailed Description

    Converted Kitfox VII firewall forward and changed to Rotax 912 ULS. 
    Aircraft completed by Albert Smith (IA mechanic)

    Avionics / Equipment

    New Laser cut Carbon Fiber panel on aluminum plate
    VP-X Pro - Vertical Power Electronic Circuit Breakers. (Controlled through MFD)
    GDU460 - Dual Garmin G3X 10" Touch PFD and MFD
    Garmin GPS Antenna for PFD
    GSU25 - AHRS
    GMU11 - Magnetometer mounted in the left wing mid-point
    GAP26 - New Pitot Probe with new mount in left wing
    GTP59 - Temperature probe
    GTR20 - Primary remote Coms with External Antenna
    GTR20 - Secondary remote Coms with Internal Antenna
    GMA245 - Panel Mount Audio Panel with Blue Tooth
    GNX 375 NAV/ ADS-B IN/OUT Transponder - Panel Mount - With Second Garmin GPS Antenna
    GAD29 - ARINK communications between RS232 and ARINK (For the GNX 375)
    GDL50R - Remote ADSB IN for use with Foreflight.
    GMC507 Autopilot - Panel Mount with 2 axis - Servos - Roll and pitch - GSA28
    (Servos are mounted on a Carbon Fiber wafer board that is also the baggage compartment.)
    FS450G - Red Box gravity fuel flow monitor
    TCW IBBS 6amp Hour Battery backup
    G5 For Experimental; with its own backup battery
    Static Port mounted in the rear fuselage.
    E-04R - New ELT with antenna


    2019 - The entire plane was dismantled and all new wiring, tubes, and avionics. 
    New Muffler from the 915, ball joint instead of sleeved connectors, replaced when the Sprag clutch was replaced.

    Engines / Mods / Prop

    Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP Engine
    Whirlwind Prop

    Interior / Exterior

    Exterior: Firetruck Red with Black Accents


    Vortex Generators 
    2020 Complete Upgrade: 
    New Muffler system
    New Engine monitoring system with Garmin
    New Sprag Clutch
    New Plugs
    New Solar Gray S5-7 Windshield
    New Solar Gray Turtle Deck
    New AeroLED Pulsar NSP wingtip lites
    New AeroSuns - Landing and Taxi Lights
    New Cabin Vent System
    AK Tundra Bush Tail wheel ABI 3200-B
    T-3 Tail Wheel Suspension