Gulfstream Jet Aircraft

Gulfstream Jets Are World Class

Gulfstream jets are built for one thing - business. Originally designed, developed, and launched in the late 1950's, the Gulfstream brand is more of a boutique operation compared to many aircraft manufacturers who specialize in business airplanes. With significant investment in but a few different models, all of the engineering resources, research effort, and general labor has gone into making sure that if it has a Gulfstream emblem on the fuselage, that it is a world-class airplane.

What Are The Available Models of Gulfstream Aircraft?

The Gulfstream I launched in 1958 and was an immediate success. With flexible seating arrangements allowing for anywhere from 10-24 passengers (8-12 was most popular, in an executive seating arrangement), and a spacious cabin that allowed even the tallest of travelers to stand up in comfort, the Gulfstream I was well received upon introduction. With twin Rolls Royce turboprops developing a combined 4,400 hp, the Gulfstream wasn't just a cruiser - this airplane cruised at 348 mph and had an effective range of more than 2,500 miles. When searching for a new or used gulfstream for sale it is important to consider the role the airplane will play in your fleet. A used Gulfstream can provide phenomenal service while remaining affordable compared to other makes. Take the Gulfstream III, capable of cruising all day long at 442 mph, and boasting a 4,200-mile range, this 19 passenger executive jet is a stylish and reliable means of private travel. Powered by twin Rolls Royce turbofans providing 11,000 lbs. of thrust each, the Gulfstream III is capable of more than 500 mph, and has an impeccable safety record. Rounding out the Gulfstream line is the Gulfstream IV. With a 77-foot wingspan and measuring nearly 90 feet in length, this is a serious airplane capable of transporting up to 19 passengers in ultimate style. Cruise speeds of 528 mph and a top speed of nearly 600 mph make this a formidable jet when time is of the essence.

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